Biagio Carrano

I am the director of Eastcom Consulting ( , a consulting company based in Belgrade and specialized in internationalization and digitization of Small and Medium Enterprises,. Since the incorporation of eastCOM Consulting in 2008, I have led the complete development of new foreign investments in Serbia, and, together with entrepreneurs, turned their projects into a profitable reality. 

I have launched the information website Serbian Monitor (http:/ in 2013 to offer investors and entrepreneurs as well as scholars and curious readers a daily updated and unbiased view about the economy, politics and social and cultural life in the Republic of Serbia.

I have also been a coach for 15 years and a columnist for various newspapers, Italian and international, writing about topics like digital transformation, transition economies, and cognitive capitalism. In my blog L’Immateriale ( I investigate the impact of digital transformation on companies and society but you can find also my reviews of the books I read as well as narrative writings.

Eastcom offers expertise and tailor made solutions to suit the different needs of each client. We help entrepreneurs who intend to do business in Southeast Europe (SEE), or companies that already operate here to utilize the opportunities and competitive advantages offered by the SEE countries. Furthermore, we develop communication projects and international marketing with a very clear idea that digital is not simply an extension, but the same cognitive and competitive environment in which both people and businesses must be able to move.

If you are interested in learning more about our services regarding internationalization in South East Europe or need ideas, content and turnkey projects for your online presence, do not hesitate to contact me on my email