About Us

Who We are

eastCOM Consulting is a Belgrade-based consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs, managers, consultants as well as economic and social leaders to understand the potential of the Republic of Serbia and to capture the opportunities most suitable for their ideas or business models.  Our success relies on our goal to improve every day our skills and competences through a deep collaboration with our clients to help them to tackle strategic and operative challenges as well. 

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The way We work

We work closely with our clients to deliver them the solutions they pursue through a mix of design, management consulting and suppliers assessment.

After more than 15 years of operations in Serbia, we are deeply rooted in the social, political, economical and professional environment of the country. For this reason we offer a multidimensional approach to cope with the complexity of a business problems, both when the company operates in Serbia or when a client hopes Serbia can offer the best solution to his needs.  

Learning is our keyword

Knowledge, Strategy, Solutions are not a slogan: without constantly growing our knowledge base there is no way to find new strategic solutions or to deliver effective solutions. 

For us, knowledge is not only about corporate skills and competences, but first and foremost the cultural interests and the social involvement any professional must have to bring a real value every time s/he meets a potential client or a potential business partner.  

Getting the most from an evolving country

Bio4 Campus
New biotechnology hub in Europe
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Center for creative and innovative industries
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ICT Industry
A backbone of Serbian economic boom
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Serbia is fast-forwarding moving toward a knowledge economy, investing in Information Technology, start-ups, biotech, the Internet of Things,  digital assets, thanks to a myriad of innovative companies with high skilled workforce, global connections and state-of-the-art competencies in the most advanced technologies.

We connect our clients with this work environment and we usually follow projects of digital transformation, scouting of programmers or Serbian IT companies for our client’s needs, industrial investments in the fields of innovative and creative industries.


Getting the most from Serbia doesn’t mean anymore to pursue for cheap work force, while to find competent partners and innovative solutions to develop sustainable and competitive business models in a global and challenging scenario.